Videos: Techniques by Brenda

Learn about saggar firing, burnishing, terra sigillata and more...

Trimming A Vessel on the potter's wheel

Feb 3rd, 2019
Check out how quickly Brenda trims this pot in preparation for her next step, burnishing.

Throwing a vessel on the potter's wheel

Oct 11th, 2016
See how Brenda throws a vessel on the potter's wheel. Once the vessel is trimmed and burnished (polished with a stone), she will saggar fire it in her gas kiln. Check out Brenda's blog for more information.

How to Pack a Paper Clay Saggar

Aug 6th, 2014
Watch as Brenda bundles one of her pots in a paper clay saggar, mixing grasses, spanish moss, sawdust and other goodies into her packet.

Bird of Paradise Vase - Revealed!

Jul 23rd, 2014
Brenda McMahon cracks open a paper pod saggar, revealing her new Bird of Paradise vase form.
Copper wire flashings and organic materials adorn the surface.

Creating an Eggshell Saggar....

Mar 20th, 2014
Here is an inside look at Brenda's latest paper pod saggar. Look at the fiberous, thin eggshell surface and how it births a pot filled with soft flashings.....

A Pot Revealed...peek inside

Mar 17th, 2014
Brenda unloads a clay saggar from her gas kiln to show what she sees after all the organic materials have burned away...

Saggar Firing with Brilliant Oranges!

Feb 21st, 2014
Brenda unloads her saggar kiln to reveal the soft oranges on the surface of this small pot. Her saggar firing technique uses organics and soluble salts to get the blushes, not ferric chloride. The results are alluring. Brenda teaches Saggar Firing Workshops Nationally & Internationally. Her book on how to saggar fire will be released soon!

Unloading a Clay Saggar

Feb 19th, 2014
Brenda unloads a small vessel from the bottom of her saggar kiln... the organics are burned away, but a hue of color appears. Watch now!

Spanish Moss in a Saggar Firing

Feb 7th, 2014
Here's a sneak peek of what spanish moss looks like after a saggar firing... watch as Brenda unloads one of her paper pod saggars...

Paper Pod Saggar Firing

Jan 31st, 2014
Watch as you get to see what Brenda sees right as she's unloading her kiln. Brenda breaks open the paper saggar, like a jewel out of its shell, the vessel appears!

How to wax a burnished vessel.

Jan 29th, 2014
Techniques on applying wax, buffing and a great paste wax to use! by brenda mcmahon

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