The Artist

Brenda McMahon

I was schooled at Manhattan's Hunter College and received my Master of Arts from SUNY Albany in 1987. Though I grew up in the greater New York City area, it was the quiet of the land and not the city, that captured my heart. My home was a modest brick house squeezed in among others along the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, specifically, Rockaway Beach. My earliest memories are of sand, water, and salt air; at night, as I gazed out from the front porch, I saw a shimmering black skyline, not that of Manhattan, but the vast expanse of the moonlit ocean.

Now, more than 30 years away from the shore, my early life of inhaling natures salty breath comes out in my work. I form soft earth into subtle polished vessels and sculptural wall murals in the quiet of my studio. Instead of using glazes, in this Raku-alternative firing process I experiment with natural materials, polished porcelain and the random markings of fire upon earth, it is known as saggar firing. Like the unpredictability of waves chasing the shoreline, each saggar firing yields surprising results upon the surface of my pots, never are two alike.

I have sold my work at art shows across the country for more than 20 years, I teach workshops nationally and internationally and now I am the proud owner of a contemporary craft, fine art gallery in Gulfport, Florida. Brenda McMahon Gallery represents my work as well as the art work of 12 other local and regional artists. I am proud to say we have some of the finest artwork being created in our region.

As a professional ceramic artist for more than 20 years, my Sculptural Wall Murals have been a big hit. Designed for residential, corporate and hospital facilities nationwide they are textural, dimensional and resilient. To date, I have wall murals in scores of homes and almost a dozen hospitals, including Texas Children's Hospital, Pavilion for Women in Houston and Long Island Jewish Medical Center. I create hundreds of custom wall art pieces for clients across the country. I love the commission process and the relationship that develps between artist & client.

This I know: I love earth, nature, clay, and yoga and I have created a life that supports all of that while growing my heart and expanding my circle around the world. And for that and more, I am eternally grateful!

Awards and Exhibitions


  • Brookwood Gallery, Houston, TX. 2013
  • Florida Craftsman Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL. 2013
  • Zanesville Museum of Art, Zanesville, OH. 2012.
  • Tim Salen Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL 2010
  • Gallery 668. Cambridge, NY. 2008
  • Villa Royale, Phuket, Thailand. 2007
  • Riverfront Gallery of Fine Art. New York. 2004 - 2009
  • Valley Artisan’s Market Gallery. Cambridge, NY. 2007
  • Funke Fired Arts Gallery. Cincinnati, OH. Invitational. 2007
  • Albany Museum of History & Art. Albany, NY. 2006
  • Bennington Museum. Bennington, VT. 2000


  • 2014: First Place, Ceramics. Evergreen Art Festival, CO
  • 2010: Naperville Women's Club Award. Naperville, IL
  • 2010: First Place, Ceramics. Fountain Square Art Festival, Evanston, IL
  • 2010: Award of Merit. Boston Mills Art Festival, OH
  • 2010: First Place, Ceramics. Wells Street Art Festival, Chicago, IL
  • 2010: Award of Distinction. Under the Oaks, Vero Beach, FL
  • 2010: Ceramic Award of Excellence. Tarpon Springs, FL.
  • 2009: Best in Show. Boston Mills Art Festival, #1, OH
  • 2009: Award of Excellence. Cedar Key Art Festival
  • 2009: First Place, Ceramics. Miami Festival of the Arts
  • 2008: Award of Merit, Ceramics. CraftArt 2008, Florida
  • 2008: Third Place, Ceramics. Winterpark Art Festival, Florida
  • 2008: 500 Tiles - Artist Submission. Lark Publishing, 2008
  • 2008: Independent Artist Grant. New York State Foundation for the Arts
  • 2007: SOS Grant International Exhibition, Thailand. NYS Council on the Arts.
  • 2007: Best in Show. Longboat Key Fine Art Festival. Longboat Key, Florida
  • 2007: Third Place, Ceramics. Under the Oaks, Vero Beach, Florida
  • 2007: Patrons Choice Award. Deland Museum Art Festival, Florida
  • 2006: Award of Excellence, Ceramics. Beaux Arts Festival, Florida
  • 2005: First Place, Ceramics. Glastonbury Art Show, CT
  • 2005: Judges Choice. New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • 2005: Juror's Choice. WMHT Public Television Art Auction, New York
  • 2005: Judges Choice. Berkshire Art Festival, MA
  • 2005: Honorable Mention. 57th Street Art Fair, IL
  • 2005: Patron's Choice Award. New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • 2004: First Place, Ceramics. Glastonbury Art Show, CT
  • 2004: Juror's Choice. WMHT Public Television Art Auction, New York
  • 2003: Judges Choice. Berkshire Art Festival, MA
  • 2003: Second Place, Ceramics. Bruce Museum Craft Festival, CT
  • 2003: Juror's Choice. WMHT Public Television Art Auction, New York

Brenda's Ceramic Art Can Be Found In:

  • Individual art collections
  • Healthcare Art
  • Design Studios
  • Public & Private Commissions
  • National & international exhibitions

Art galleries for representation (wholesale prices available)

Brenda teaches 'Master Class' workshops nationally & internationally.

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