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Creating Custom Tile Art - a peek into process

I have been creating custom work for more than 15 years.  This blog takes you inside that process.

How does custom work begin, and what is the creative process between artist & client.

TX: Decision Made

Sat, Sep 22nd, 2012 The final decision was made for the wall mural to go above the vanity in this Texas bathroom.

I made 2 murals, both in the color tones the clients wanted. One mural was on the lighter, softer side, while the other one I went into deeper tones of the same colors. This mural was designed to compliment this newly ...   read full article →

Busy Summer!

Fri, Sep 14th, 2012 It's been a busy summer between commissions, art fairs and private home showings. But I'm back in the studio finishing up 2 commissions for my Texas Private Home Showing this October.

Russell & Christine got a peek at their first commission firing last month. Today I fired the second one and have the results.

First, here are the shots of ...   read full article →

A Perfect Decision

Sat, Aug 18th, 2012 Just Beautiful!

I arrived at Cathy & Keith's home early this morning... the sunlight was cascading in through their huge glass windows and I began installing their new artwork. They saw both pieces on the wall.... and selected this one.

I'm attaching the Nature-Scape they did not select below as well.

Thank you Cathy & Keith!
You were a joy to work with...and ...   read full article →

TX: Design #2 Begins

Thu, Aug 2nd, 2012 Russell & Christine ordered a simple wall mural from me for their bathroom, above the vanity. The first one I kept true to our conversations.

Today I created a second mural, but this time I changed a few things, still staying true to the spirit of the idea. First, I put the focal point of the mural slightly off ...   read full article →

PA: Glazed & Fired #2

Wed, Aug 1st, 2012 Cathy & Keith's second mural is out of the kiln and framed. I hung it on the side of the barn today to see how it looks in the late afternoon light. Here are a few viewpoints.

Cathy & Keith liked a lot of the characteristics of the first mural so when I asked for feedback with the second, ...   read full article →

TX: Over the Vanity

Sun, Jul 29th, 2012 This Texas Commission will be 30" x 80" to be displayed above the vanity next to a beautiful stained glass window and some other elegant features.

Russell & Christine want a simple mural to balance out the details for their bathroom. I began with a basic layout and then began layering the design composition on, one at a time.

First there ...   read full article →

Glazing Bittersweet

Sat, Jul 28th, 2012 The Bittersweet Mural is at the halfway point. All 3 pieces are bisque fired and 2 have been glazed. Mary had some color suggestions and then deferred to my choices.

For the first one, I created a soft lime background with green leaves & strong red & orange berries.

In the second mural, I went for a more 'earthy' ...   read full article →

CUSTOM TILE: Bittersweet in NY

Mon, Jul 23rd, 2012 Mary is part of my 'New York Private Showings' tour and she and Rob commissioned me to create a mural of bittersweet, a vine they love that grows around their home.

This is my first bittersweet project, so I did 3 as bittersweet has so many manifestations. I've uploaded all 3 designs just after I made them.

First I have ...   read full article →

PA: Design #1 glazed

Wed, Jul 18th, 2012 Cathy & Keith's first design choice is on the glazing table. They have a red leather couch in the living room and wanted red accents in the nature designs.

They also added a turquoise chest in the living room and wanted turquoise added to the skyline. I also added it to the moonset carved circle, to give it a ...   read full article →

PA: Design #2 (or 3)

Wed, Jun 27th, 2012 The first Design for Cathy & Keith is complete and here is the second.

With this design, they wanted a similar nature-scape, but with different texture on the horizon line and no texture on the top of the mural.

First you'll see the second design I offered up that they selected. I sketch out the idea, then I begin to create ...   read full article →

PA: Mural Begins...

Tue, Jun 26th, 2012 Cathy & Keith met me in Florida this winter and now we are working on a mural for their beautiful living room. This space calls for a sculptural nature scape mural as it is filled with sunlight cascading through their large windows and it has that 'inside-outside' feeling.

I began yesterday and here's the first piece almost completely made, I ...   read full article →

Bamboo Directions...

Sat, Mar 17th, 2012 There is so much interest in bamboo these days. I have a couple in Sarasota wanting me to make a corner piece for their master bathroom.

There is a couple in Jupiter, FL who just installed a bamboo floor & likes my 'By the Water's Edge' and so I've made another....

And then there is a Mt. Dora couple who was ...   read full article →

STUDIO CORNERS: Is That for Sale?

Thu, Dec 1st, 2011 At my open house a few weeks ago - and with 7,000 square feet of studio space there were lots of places to show work.

We had vessels & murals in 3 rooms and on the outside of 2 buildings. I left one mural on my glazing table, partially finished and waiting for the end of ...   read full article →

Midnight Bamboo

Thu, Oct 20th, 2011 And the winner is.....

Midnight Bamboo!

I saw Ben in Dallas after 6 months of working on these 2 wall murals (and a whole lot more). He saw both Midnight Bamboo and Dawn Song. He loved both of them - and pondered the decision for quite a while.

While viewing the artwork, a couple came into my booth and also loved ...   read full article →

Bamboo Dreams

Mon, Sep 26th, 2011 I love my bamboo series - and I enjoy getting inspiration from customers.

In April I met a gentleman in Texas who envisioned black bamboo along a lakeside, with the shimmering waters behind the bamboo - the waters a deep blue.

Oooh, I said. I like that, I think I'll make it. And so I did - it ...   read full article →

Impulse Flashback

Sat, Jul 30th, 2011 The space I'm contemplating is above a headboard in a relaxing rural bedrooom...

The colors should be that of my 'Prairie Fire' mural I made a few weeks ago - deep autumns with slight red hue...

And the imagery is about unity & togetherness - pretty universal themes...

This mural evolved out of a conversation with a client. She has the space ...   read full article →

Private Home Shows:

Sun, Jul 10th, 2011 HOW THEY WORK

So you've been watching my wall murals come out of the kiln. Maybe you've seen me at an art show and you love the idea, you just haven't seen the right one. Or... you haven't seen me in person in a while and you really want one, but oh, that shipping fee!

So how does the Private ...   read full article →

A New Direction...

Fri, Jul 8th, 2011 Commissions are great. They move me in directions I would not automatically go.

This mural, for instance, is for Pam & Pat in Texas. It's a variation of my naturescape theme, but they wanted the dimensions vertical rather than horizontal. And...as part of my "I make 3, YOU select one", commission option, ...   read full article →

"I just LOVE IT!..."

Sun, Jun 26th, 2011 It's been an incredible 5 months working with Pamela and Mike and finally, their wall mural is in their living room and Pamela says "I love it. I just LOVE IT!"

I met Pamela and Mike at the St. Armands Art Festival in Florida in late January, 2011. They noticed my wall murals but were particularly smitten with a ...   read full article →

Color Options

Fri, Jun 24th, 2011 I just unloaded a kiln today - a 5x8 which is 35" x 56" and I thought the colors are in your tone ranges.

I'm attaching a few images so you can see the diversity.

Notice the blues and greens in there...and the goldens and reds...

Just a week later and this mural found a new home. Thanks to Jim & Audrey ...   read full article →

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