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Saggar Fired Bowl

Welcome to Brenda McMahon Ceramics

   Saggar Fired Ceramic Art Tile and Vessels

Brenda McMahon, Ceramic Artist

Brenda McMahon, Ceramic Artist
Brenda McMahon, Ceramic Artist

Hi. I'm Brenda and I love what I do! I feel blessed & honored to live a life of creativity for more than 25 years now.

I strive to make work that is beautiful and captivating; I want it to delight you, while also tapping into your quieter, more contemplative side.

I think of my vessels as polished jewels resurrected from the earth and transformed by the fire.

My sculptural wall art tiles are three dimensional canvasses that move with my hands.  I form and carve the surface, creating undulating and textural landscapes and impressionistic nature-scapes. This wall art tile brings many earth materials together, clay, stones & glass. I create dozens of custom pieces a year, and I'd love to create one just for your home.

In 2019 I opened a gallery in downtown Gulfport, Florida. Please come visit any time. Brenda McMahon Gallery is open five days a week off season and seven days a week from December through April.

The Gallery is located at 2901 Beach Blvd S, Gulfport, Florida. 33707. Call 727.454.0453 for more information.

Brenda's Custom Art Process

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Brenda McMahon Gallery

2901 Beach Boulevard South
Guflport, Florida   33707

Phone: 727.454.0453

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Drop me a note on my form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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