Murals & The Homes That Love Them!

Boulder Loves Bamboo

"Boulder Loves Bamboo"

Sharie saw this Bamboo Wall Art piece at the Boulder Open Arts Fest in the summer of 2014. She went home and measured and called me. When I walked into the home I was amazed how the soft blue-green colors fit perfectly into her new Condo. It was though I created it just for her! Thank you Sharie - I enjoyed Colorado and love Boulder.
Orlando Loves Bamboo

"Orlando Loves Bamboo"

This 21" x 28" bamboo wall art was commissioned by Bill & Linda at the Winter Park Art Festival. As I always do I made to for them to choose the perfect one. This was their selection - and the other bamboo wall art went to Colorado! Thank you Bill & Linda.
Equinox Moon & Zenith Horizon Ceramic Wall Art

"Equinox Moon & Zenith Horizon Ceramic Wall Art"

These two murals were made together and fired next to each other... so it's fitting that they were purchased as a set.... and now live in San Antonio, Texas.
Elaine and Larry were deciding between a few pieces, but these were the first ones to catch their eye at the Fiesta Art Festival. After a full day of contemplating several other murals, they came back to their first attraction.
What a great location! With views from inside & out, these two murals are a focal point of their new outside gallery wall. Thanks to both of you!
A River's View in San Antonio:  Ceramic Wall Art

"A River's View in San Antonio: Ceramic Wall Art"

Thanks to Beth & Tom who saw my work at the San Antonio Fiesta art festival in Texas. This wall mural jumped out at them and Monday morning it was on the wall - fitting beautifully into their textural living room with high ceilings, arched doorways and a stunning stone fireplace.
River Patterns:  Ceramic Wall Art in a Beach Home

"River Patterns: Ceramic Wall Art in a Beach Home"

Thanks to Sam & Susan of Delray Beach. They saw this River Patterns mural at Winter Park and purchased it later that afternoon. I delivered it the following week - and here it is on the wall.

Another finishing touch to your beautiful home! Thanks you both.
Soft Texas Colors!  Ceramic Wall Art Tile

"Soft Texas Colors! Ceramic Wall Art Tile"

I met this couple in Fort Worth, TX and they found this wall mural on a back wall of my booth. It was a perfect fit for their brown leather couch - as seen here.
Blue Moon Dreams on Marco Island.  Ceramic Wall Art Tile

"Blue Moon Dreams on Marco Island. Ceramic Wall Art Tile"

Barbara and Mike had been looking for artwork for this wall for quite a while. With many dominant features in their waterfront living room, they needed a statement piece that did not compete.
Blue Moon Dreams went on the wall and it was a dream come true for this Marco Island couple! Thanks so much to Barbara & Mike... as well as their neighbors - and Barbara's sister Pam, who was instrumental in getting the whole thing rolling!
Orange Moon Rising:  Ceramic Wall Art Tile

"Orange Moon Rising: Ceramic Wall Art Tile"

Jay and Carol saw me at St. Armands Art Festival and fell in love with this piece, but they liked a few others as well. I brought several pieces to their home after the show and this one popped when it went on the wall.
Thanks to you both!
Blue Green Bamboo Ceramic Wall Art

"Blue Green Bamboo Ceramic Wall Art"

I began creating these shadow box frames for my ceramic wall art two years ago. This formal framing sets off the murals beautifully, as it did in Bryon & Michele's Woodlands, Texas home. What a great night... and thanks for dinner!
Blue Bamboo Ceramic Art on the Wall

"Blue Bamboo Ceramic Art on the Wall"

Susan & Al have become great collectors of my work. This 42" wall mural is one of the focal points of their newly renovated Spa Bath in their Sarasota home. Thank you both!
Tributary Rocks Ceramic Wall Art heads north...

"Tributary Rocks Ceramic Wall Art heads north..."

Thank you Sheri for your Holiday purchase! I shipped this 30" x 42" mural up to Wisconsin and Sheri and her husband put it on their wall. Sitting among other beautiful hand made pieces - It looks fabulous! Thank you both.
An Ohio Accent, Ceramic Wall Tile Art

"An Ohio Accent, Ceramic Wall Tile Art"

After waiting a full year for the right piece, Karen, from Cleveland Ohio saw this mural and it was a perfect fit. Thank you!
River View Ceramic Wall Art

"River View Ceramic Wall Art"

Tile Type: Carved Murals
Surface: Matte
This wall art mural was commissioned by Jim & Sheryll to reflect the view outside their newly built rustic timber frame home in rural Ohio. They sent me images of the woods, the river, and showed where the sun sets thru the seasons.

I made 2 ceramic wall art tile murals for Jim & Sheryll. This one, with a deeper green river, a strongly textural surface and slightly darker brown tones was a perfect match for their dining room wall. Thanks to both of you...what a fun job for me!
A Beautiful Boulder Bathroom

"A Beautiful Boulder Bathroom"

Thanks to Stephany & Brian in Boulder. This mural was a perfect fit to their beautifully renovated bathroom.
A Match Made in Melbourne

"A Match Made in Melbourne"

Thanks so much to Marilyn & Mike for commissioning me to create a sculptural mural for their beautiful waterside home. After looking at both murals I created for them, they selected this one... which fit perfectly in their vibrant livingroom.
Twilight Grove

"Twilight Grove"

I met Carol & Gary at the Melbourne Art Festival in Florida. Carol walked into my booth and said 'I've been thinking about you for a year!". What a nice way to begin a conversation. She and Gary were deciding between a few pieces, but once Twilight Grove was on the wall, the whole family agreed this was the right piece.

What a fun night - thanks to both of you!
Autumn Shadows

"Autumn Shadows"

Jackie and Peter had the perfect garden...but a blank wall across from their sitting area needed something to finish it off. While walking The Woodlands Art Festival in northern Houston, they saw this mural and thought it would work for them.

I brought it over to see - and it was as though I made it just for them. A great fit with all the right colors. It feels like you look through their fountain into a canyon landscape. Thank you both for helping make my show a success!
Tetons in Spring

"Tetons in Spring"

This 30" x 72" wall mural found its home in San Antonio, TX. Onni & Wes took part in my 'private home showing' option. They looked at several pieces before finding the right one.

Once this one went on the wall - it was perfect. Congratulations on your new artwork - and thank you both!
Green Bamboo:  By the Water's Edge

"Green Bamboo: By the Water's Edge"

Bryon & Michele saw my carved murals at The Woodlands Art Festival and were immediately drawn in by this piece. We chatted, they walked the festival to think about it and came back to make their decision.

Not only did they honor me by adding my artwork to their beautiful home, but Michele made a delicious dinner, we got to know one another and we are friends forever! Thanks to you both.
Vibrant Sunset

"Vibrant Sunset"

Thanks to Ann & Tim... who liked my work at Bayou City Art Festival, but they just weren't sure which one would work. A home showing...4 murals to choose from an the minute this one came in the door, they knew that was it!

This 30" x 72" mural was the perfect splash of color they needed. Just another reason why I love to provide private home showings...I always say the work will speak to you and it will be clear.

<i>Tributary of Life</i>

"Tributary of Life"

Thank you Charleen... who is the new owner of Tributary of Life. I installed it above this beautiful granite table in her entryway in Wimamu, FL.
San Antonio inspired Blue Bonnets

"San Antonio inspired Blue Bonnets"

Blue Bonnets is enjoying its new home in San Antonio Texas. Chrissie & Tony found me at Cottonwood Art Festival. Thank you both!
Nature's Peace...

"Nature's Peace..."

Thanks you Lorraine & Tony in Richardson, TX. They are the proud new owners of this Nature-Scape purchased at the Cottonwood Art Festival. This is the first piece in view as you enter their home...what an honor!
Hidden Galaxy

"Hidden Galaxy"

This saggar fired commission was created for Judy & Jim in Houston, TX. I made two and the grey tones in this one balanced out beautifully in their contemporary bedroom. Thanks to both of you!
Reaching for the Sky...

"Reaching for the Sky..."

Gail and Steve were looking at my murals online to dress up this formal livingroom in Memphis, TN. They were trying to decide between 3 pieces. I stopped at their home during my "Texas Private Home showing" and I brought each mural into the dining room. Once there, it was apparent which one they fell in love with. Thank you both!
Bittersweet Inspirations

"Bittersweet Inspirations"

Mary & Rob commissioned me to do a mural based on Bittersweet for their upstate New York home. They first met me at my annual Pottery Trail almost 5 years ago and have been avid supporters ever since. This was a really fun commission that opened up a lot of possibilities for me. Here it is, prominently displayed in their striking country home.
Fields of Rye

"Fields of Rye"

This mural captured Catrin's attention while at an art show in Pennsylvania. The green & grey color palette beautifully complimented her home decor...and the sculptural murals expressive Rye Grasses pulled the nature from the outside of her home right into the living room. Thank you Catrin - for being a part of making my weekend a success!
A Finishing Touch in Pennsylvania

"A Finishing Touch in Pennsylvania"

Cathy & Keith commissioned me to make a mural for above their red leather couch in their beautiful rural Pennsylvania home. I made 2 and this is the one they selected. A perfect choice for their sunny living room with 20' ceilings.
Bathroom Commission Complete!

"Bathroom Commission Complete!"

This commission discussion was started over two years ago, but the project officially began this past April after I met with Russ & Christine at the Bayou City Art Festival in the spring. I began working on it in July and installed it in October, while I was back in town for a string of art shows. The new mural fits beautifully into this master bathroom, you see the piece from several vantage points in the bedroom. Thanks to Russ & Christine, for our spirited process!
Texas Pavilion for Women

"Texas Pavilion for Women"

Another view of the commission completed for Houston's Texas Pavillion for Women, located in the Obstetrics Waiting Room.

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