When we open the lid...this is what we see.

A Sample of Results

Fri, May 20th, 2011 I've been teaching saggar firing workshops since 1999. Over 12 years, I have seen tons of beautiful student results rising from the ashes of the saggar kiln.

The exciting part of this workshop is the diversity of skill of the participants and the array of results from the saggars in just one day of firings. BUT REMEMBER, though it is just 1 day, we will fire 3 kilns and can pull upwards of 70 pots out of those kilns. That's why, as I said in my previous article, in this case size really matters, and the more pots you put in, the more results you get out (so your pieces should not be too big). Keep that in mind always!

As with many workshops, some participants have been working for 30 years or more in clay and others for just 6 months! The one thing you will all share is that you're intrigued with saggar firing and you're eager to learn this technique.

Sometimes beginners get the most astounding results (you don't 'know the rules' so you break them - and stumble upon discovery!); and sometimes the pro's teach us all a thing or two (me included)! For that weekend, however, we're one group on a journey of experimentation & learning and though you may not know it, EVERYONE brings something valuable to the weekend. Here is an example of some student Gems From the Fires... I look forward to seeing you in July!

The workshop fee is $320 for two intensive days. This includes all materials fees, breakfast and lunch both days.


Out of the fires at a workshop in Ohio

And this beautiful carved piece!

strong pink blushes...

dramatic sunset scene

sculptures look great saggar fired!

wait til you see this one with wax on it...

a group unearthed...

from the tumble stack kiln in ohio

Tim took the workshop in 2008 and now look at his work!

Tim built a saggar kiln at home after the workshop.

And 2 years later, Wow.

A Student Collection.

so much going on the surface here - from a single saggar

what a cutie!

Paula took what she learned and began experimenting in NY

A nice grouping of Paula's first solo firing.

Look at Maggie's pot!

delicate flashes on a carved vase....so soft!

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